family of ministries.

Chosen Nation Youth Group

We are aware of the young person’s need to belong to groups, and to be physically active, we have organized programs that not only minister to spiritual needs, but also to that involving social and emotional needs. Outings, parties, and sport opportunities are ongoing, not only with the Lighthouse congregation but often including youth groups from other churches in southern California and beyond.

Pathfinders Men's Group

The focus of this group is to help develop men to fit the role of godly leadership that is called for in Scripture. Work ethic and spiritual influence in the home are stressed. This is done through teaching by the pastor and other ministers, by men’s prayer meetings, and by involvement in men’s conferences, local and district outings, and seminars.

1st Saturday of the month at 9:00am

Wee Ones (Toddlers)

At the moment of birth a baby begins learning. From the first, wise parents provide positive atmospheres for their child. Knowing that the inculcation of God’s Word into these tender, pliable minds is crucial, we provide a learning place to enhance the teaching that parents do in their homes. Our teachers are loving and understanding of the needs & abilities of these very young children. 

Class times: Sunday Mornings at 11:00am

New Life Classes

The drug problem facing America today is ghastly. Lighthouse has extended a hand to help alleviate this extensive, critical problem. We routinely offer drug rehabilitation classes, and will do all we can to help you, your loved one, or other friends to overcome these terrible addictions.

College & Career

Growing up is difficult, and when persons graduate from high school, they must decide whether to enroll in a college or university, or to begin working immediately, either within a chosen career field, or more likely, on a temporary job as they decide on their life goals and ambitions. The church stands ready to help these young adults. Classes and other guidance are offered, as are social opportunities.

Soul Sisters Ladies Group

Women have unique needs; among them is a strong inclination to socialize with other women. In addition to fulfilling that desire, this group uses various resources to teach women the ways of God. Enlightening sessions are planned that serve to bring women closer to God. Special events in which honor is given to mothers and other women is part of our current program.

3rd Saturday of the month at 11:00am


Transformers Evanglism

Understanding that the mission of the church is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, this group makes a special effort to do just that.

4th Saturday of the month at 9:30am


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Call or text: (909) 276-4673

Couple 4 Christ

It has been well-said that “strong marriages build strong families, and that strong families build strong churches.” Engaging both seasoned couples and those newly married, Lighthouse endeavors to teach, encourage, and counsel couples in marriage principles that are founded on God’s Word. Special events, meals, and other sessions are held throughout the year.

Kidz Church

Physical activities, crafts, music, play-acting, puppets, art projects, and puzzles are a few of the ways we minister to these youngsters. Their fertile minds are quick to take in the dynamic accounts found in the Bible. Enthusiastic, creative teachers help lead these students into the ways of God. It is quite common for children of this age to become  aware of their spiritual needs, and to be baptized, both of water and of the Spirit.

Class times: Sunday Mornings at 11:00am

Global Focus

An exciting arm of Lighthouse is the emphasis on supporting ministries around the world. Every Sunday morning, our small children stand across the front of the church to receive an offering, every penny of which will be sent to churches on foreign soil. Pastor Garrett and his family have been involved in overseas traveling, and in the countries of Germany and Honduras have both ministered in God’s Word, and have involved themselves in physical labor.


David, in his 100th Psalm exhorts us to come to church with gladness, to make a joyful noise, to sing, and to come in an attitude of total worship to our Savior. Here at Lighthouse we, also, are of that mindset. Our musicians and singers are dedicated to bringing glory to God through the medium of music. They work diligently to perfect their skills and in that way to help lead the congregation into the presence of God.

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